New High-Performance Storage Engine for MySQL and MariaDB for handle Big Data

TokuDB is an open source , high performance storage engine for MySql  and MariaDB that improves scalability and efficiency. TokuDB is for Big Data data application with demanding requirements that not met by your current storage engine and reduce the development costs associated with scaling and optimization efforts.


  • 20x faster without tuning.
  • Get faster performance without changing your application.
  • Schema changes without down times.
  • Up to 20x or more improvements in insertion and indexing.
  • Faster ad hoc query without tuning your application.
  • Better than InnoDB and MyISAM.
  • Write optimized compression.
  • Up to 90% reduction in storage requirement.

Hot Schema Changes

  • Hot indexing enables ad hoc queries to run faster , optimized index support.
  • No Need to rebuild indexes.
  • High insertion rate.
  • Replication server is able to keep up with master server query load.


  •  Still no production version available.
  • Does not support foreign key constraint so if you want to upgrade your storage engine to TokuDB than you have to remove foreign key from your table.

InnoDB vs TokuDB

InnoDB TokuDB®
Index Type B-tree Fractal Tree® index
Insertion Rate at Scale 100s / second 10,000s / second
Compression ~2x 5x – 10x typical, up to 25x possible
Hot Indexing No (hrs+) Yes (secs to mins)
Hot Column Addition/Deletion/ Expansion/Rename No (hrs+) Yes (secs to mins)
Fast Loader No Yes
Fragmentation Immunity No Yes (no dump/reload downtime – no index fragmentation)
Clustering Indexes Primary Key Only Multiple
Fast Recovery Time No Yes
Eliminates Slave Lag No Yes
MariaDB Compatible Yes Yes
ACID Yes Yes
MVCC Yes Yes